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Thursday, May 12, 2011

L is for lazy lauren

I have officially been alone for 3 days. Sunday, I drove back to Tallahassee from Orlando without Jared. Some thoughts:

1.  I want to drive 90 but I'm too chicken so I go 77
2.  My bum was numb by the time I arrived home
3.  Maddie is the best car companion ever
4.  10 miles before my exit, traffic STOPS due to a wreck. add 20 min! :(
5.  I was tempted to turn around several times and kinda regret not doing so

The house is way to quiet and loud all at the same time and sleeping in the middle of the bed is not as fun as it should be but I'm getting better at it. Maddie is super sad that her daddy is not here anymore. After I come home, she just sits by the front door and whines


Easter was crazy in Nursery. I could tell who had their baskets before church and who didn't. It was really funny though.

Mother's day was really fun. My mom, Jared, and I went to lunch at chili's and then the beach. My step mom and Jared, my almost 7 year old brother (crazy), and I all went to Clark's Fish Camp in Jax! So yummy! yes, i got the chicken at a seafood place! At the Andersen house, ALL of the girl's get a corsage to wear to church so that was fun.

I have discovered Pandora and I'm in LOVE!

Glee was awesome this week!

I've been jamming out to so much great music I could die! :)

My full blown kidney infection is getting pretty bad. The Dr suspects it's starting to abscess due to the amount of white blood cells and blood in my urine. (TMI? sorry) So, I have to go back in 9 days to make sure surgery is not needed. yay me!

oh, and I'm a super dark brunette now. pics to come soon!

Love, Lauren

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  1. Good to hear everything is going well... except for your kidney infection!! That isn't good. I hope you don't have to get a surgery especially with Jared not here.